Search For Free Stock Photos in the Public Domain

This article explains how to search for free stock photos online. In this way, you will know where to find all kinds of photos, including photos that are licensed for a fee. You will learn how to download them and how to get the most from them. At last, you can start saving money. For more information about the free stock photos, follow the link.

The first method for this is to search for photographers' websites. Here you may search for free stock photos just by entering your desired keyword in the search field. On its home page, it states the images are copyright free for commercial and personal usage. You are permitted to modify, copy and distribute these images. Some photographers' websites also allow you to make comments or join discussions. Some blogs post real world photographs chosen by their bloggers; others simply display random images.

The second method is to look at social media sites. There are a lot of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ which allow users to share photographs. Commonly, photos are shared for free, but the licenses range from "free as long as you don't use it for commercial purposes" to "freeride". Freeride licenses allow users to use the photographs indefinitely. Visit the official site for more information about free stock photos.

In essence, each time your photo is used commercially, you pay an additional license fee. The exact term of the license varies by site. Most extend the license for as long as you continue to use the photo and display it on your website or in your projects. There is a limitation, however, if you choose to include the logo of your company within the photo. You would then need to obtain a commercial use license from a licensed intellectual property owner.

Lastly, you can see license offers at websites maintained by stock photo agencies. These sites require you to sign a one-time non-exclusive license, with the option of renewing the license every year. This option gives you flexibility, since you are not locked into paying high-resolution fees every time you want to use a picture. You only pay for what you use. However, be aware that these sites do not offer extended licenses. Seek more info at

So there you have it. Search for stock photos using methods outlined above. Choose a service that offers both licenses for high-resolution and low-resolution images. Register your trademarks for use in creative Commons or other public domain license projects, and sign the non-exclusive license agreement when you receive the final product.

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